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ALEX is the newest Doge on the block, Welcome to the future of Play-To-Earn Gaming and Social-Fi!
ALEX is the main character and currency within the Miracle Verse and ATD ecosystem, $ALEX is a deflationary token which provides the liquidity and purchasing power needed within the ecosystem to participate.
Alex The Doge is a community project with a focal point on the end user experience, ALEX will revolutionize P2E gaming and expand our ecosystem to alternative gaming communities using cross chain compatibility and creating a fluid transition between gaming credits and digital assets.
Use ALEX to complete various worlds within the Miracle Verse and earn $ALEX rewards as you conquer, winners will climb up the leader board and increase their chances of winning the ALEX Grand prize. Adventurers can utilize $ALEX tokens to earn more rewards by participating within the ALEX Casino and community challenges.
The Miracle Verse is an online gaming platform with a collage of ATD world’s and Casino gaming for our community to Play, Socialize and Earn. Users will need an ALEX NFT from the ALEX THE DOGE & Miracle Verse Collection to verify gaming eligibility and hold enough ALEX tokens to participate on the platform.
Last modified 10mo ago