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Alex Team & Community

ALEX is a growing ecosystem and community, Join our Presale to participate.
The ALEX team is a global association of experienced individuals with credentials in the following industries; Decentralized Finance, Play-To-Earn Gaming, Social Trading and community building. The accomplished members are extremely attentive to newbies who are navigating their way through the crypto markets. ALEX is a secure environment for all crypto and gaming enthusiasts to participate in the WEB3 gaming evolution, our community is a vibrant group from all four corners of the globe with a common interest of taking ALEX to the next level continuously in advance of ALEX becoming the top P2E and meme token. Presale Live, Join Now!
The ALEX team decided to focus on the community development and build trust through immutable smart contracts, third party audits, stern deadlines and attentive support to all participating members. Upon launch date the team will permanently lock trading liquidity within decentralized exchanges such as UniSwap and Pancake for users wishing to keep unidentified whilst simultaneously listing ALEX on popular Centralized Exchanges for token accessibility and ecosystem expansion.
Information on the team members developing the ALEX ecosystem can be found here, community members will be able to communicate with our team for technical support. We advise all participating members to join our social channels and conversate amongst the communicate to help further their knowledge on ALEX and receive consistent updates.


Zack Oleksander - Community Lead & Technical Support
Jack Quinn - Community Lead & Technical Support
Miles Wilson - B2C & Community Support
Tristan Anderson - Graphic Design & Animation
Justin Hawk - B2C & Community Support
Ethan Peyton - B2C & Community Support
Chris Watkins - Community Support
Dmytro Viktuk - Software Engineering
Igor Kovačič - P2E & Blockchain Development